The Carnival of the Miniature Animals

The Carnival of the Miniature Animals

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Nine short, silly pieces for piano students. The pieces include piano solos, teacher-student duets, student-student duets (or trio), and a piece with optional auxiliary percussion parts suitable for students. Skill levels range from beginner to intermediate. This work makes a great focal point for a student recital that enlists the participation of the whole studio!

1. The Gnat (beginner piano solo)
2. Worm Boogie (late elementary solo or elementary duet)
3. Roly-Poly Polonaise (beginner-intermediate duet or beginner trio)
4. The Irritated Fungus (beginner solo)
5. The Newt That Jumped Over the Moon (beginner solo)
6. Spider Aria (intermediate solo or teacher-beginner duet)
7. Fire Ants on Parade (intermediate solo)
8. Song of the Oysters (intermediate solo)
9. Treefrog Invention (intermediate solo with opt. aux. percussion)


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